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Clea & Kim

Clea & Kim
Jelena Ceranic & Kim Loncina
Electro Pop Dance
Year activate

Clea & Kim  Biography

Clea & Kim – are a seductive singing duo who combine something unique. A source of eternal energy in a combination of wild and infectious dance rhythms.

The colourful, innovation and imagination in their music is the result of their past. Clea, born in Iraq and UK born Kim grasp a touch of their roots in musical expression.

Already at a young age they both showed artistic talent. Since music was a part of their daily routine (both hailing from musical families they decided to continue in this way. Both are musically trained and in addition dance has played a great part in their education.

Under the wings of renowned publishers, their program focuses on the global music scene. The energetic duets musical genre is flavoured with EDM-Pop-House elements, where you can feel a new, multi-cultural exotic. With undoubtedly modern sound, energy, knowledge and experience provided by their producer McMillan who create their sound guidelines with which their interpretation becomes an original and distinctive product that stand out from the mass of today’s musical market.

In the summer 2013 with their first single “Balkan Bachata” which can be traced on MTV Europe and Viva channels, the girls succeeded in hitting most European charts and Dance Compilations. This same single “Balkan Bachata” was also used in the hit German film “Fack you Goethe”.

Their executive producer McMillan announces a musical makeover in 2015, which will try to win the girls world rankings.