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Alien cut

Alien cut
Davide Maresca - Fabio Adamo

Alien cut  Biography

Davide Maresca & Fabio Adamo , ALIEN CUT, born as a group in June 3 / 2009. Maresca: Dj musician since 2000 and graduated from the Conservatory of Sax in Messina.
Adamo: Dj since 1999 he studied music by himself.Since the early singles and remixes their style is identified in Electro & Dance.

The famous scream, that accompanies their productions, is the recognition of their brand.
Since 2009, they have always been present with their songs in the playlists and charts of top Italian radio . They produce the smash hits Stop & Replay, Call me up, Love me boy, Party time.
They also collaborate with the major labels and currently with DANCE & LOVE by Gabry Ponte.
These two djs can create a unique show in their live sets. Saxophone, djembe and live scratch are the main elements of their show.