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The Urban Love - Fight The King

The Urban Love – Fight The King
Release Date
May 9, 2012

The Urban Love – Fight The King

The Urban Love is an electronic project, that can recalls the sounds of
Deadmau5 and Daft Punk.
Two faces of the past that represent the music base, masks to hide a young
team of producers of the future.
Time is the turning point, speed, slow and elusive.
The message is clear, love for music and artistic expression, not identifiable
with any individual in particular, but just a concept and an evolving sound.

Born by an idea of Jois Audino, Mdk Records executive producer , The Urban
Love count on best Djs Mdk (Ale Effe and Ricky dV) and also on various
cooperation by artists and music business management.

Their debut has been on july 3rd 2010 at Sonic Electronic Music Event as
opening act of Cyberpunkers live performance, with great feedback from live
audience and music business insider too.
For the next future…… live act, live act…..and again live act, cooperations and
new sound contaminations.

After a few digital releases in with good feedbacks from this music genre
lovers, during 2011 it has been released a single called “Slow” and an
EP containing the track in Original Version, two rmx and another track
entitled “I love Paris”.

In May 2012 is forecast the release of the new single by The Urban Love
entitled “Fight The King” related with a good videoclip……………………….do not
miss it!!!